Daniel Baer

Full-Stack Web Developer
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Seventeen years professional experience in Web development and network administration. Responsible for systems design, development, deployment, and support. Management experience including overseeing and coaching junior developers. Extensive insight into UX/UI design from working with users at all levels of technical proficiency. Primary strength in development: writing and improving code, product design, user experience, information architecture, etc. Great interest in the dynamic, user-driven nature of the Web and its technologies. Experience, self-discipline, and a desire to learn enables continuously adopting new technologies and strategies to meet all challenges.


Lead Application Developer
The Steele Group Cambridge, ON November 2015—June 2020
  • Evaluate existing product offerings and determine scope and features of successor
  • Lead and oversee design and development of GatewayiQ product and features
  • Oversee and coach junior developers
  • Interface with existing and potential clients
  • Manage project infrastructure and security
Network Administrator / Information Systems
Township of Wellesley Wellesley, ON September 2012—November 2015
  • Develop Web site (consultation, information architecture, server implementation, full-stack development)
  • Replace business servers, implement redundant backup system
  • Manage migration from traditional PBX to VOIP telephony system
  • Support 50 clients and 6 servers across 6 locations
Systems Support Analyst / Network Administrator
Mainstreet Credit Union Strathroy, ON April 2004—September 2012
  • Develop custom intranet/CMS with user and group based content filtering, incentive program, performance reviews
  • Convert custom CMS to Drupal including custom theme and module development and database conversion
  • Oversee migration of NT4 domain to Windows 2003 Active Directory domain
  • Manage migration from traditional PBX to VOIP telephony system
  • Support 56 clients and 12 servers across 6 locations
Technical Support / Systems Technician (Internship)
Libro Financial Group London, ON May—August 2002, January—April 2003
  • User support, archives, inventory management, spreadsheet conversion
  • Help support 250 clients and 20 servers across 7 locations


  • PHP, JavaScript/ES6, Vue.js, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3/SASS, XML, JSON
  • Symfony (Twig), Laravel (Blade), Drupal, WordPress, MediaWiki, Slim, Sculpin
  • MariaDB/MySQL, PostgreSQL, Neo4j (Cypher), TerminusDB (WOQL, JSON-LD), MongoDB, Redis
  • PhpStorm, Bitbucket, Jira, git, npm/yarn, composer, GIMP, Scribus, Inkscape